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HIKSTIK.COM, LLC creates hand-made, custom wood lacrosse shafts. Our hardwood lax handles are extremely strong. They are made of the highest quality, tightest grain Pecan Hickory, White Ash, Red Oak, Purpleheart Amaranth and even Bamboo. HIKSTIK craftsmen inspect and select each piece of raw lumber for consistently tight and straight grain, yielding the strongest wood lacrosse handle possible. Our shafts are handcrafted and ultimately hand-sanded to give the nicest grip and feel on your wood shaft. A HIKSTIK wood lacrosse handle will give you a unique connection to your lacrosse head that you just cannot get with a metal alloy shaft.

HIKSTIK wood lacrosse handles

Handcrafted Custom Construction

A HIKSTIK is not a large-scale, mass-produced lacrosse handle. HIKSTIK.COM, LLC takes great pride in each wood shaft we create. These are made-to-order, custom lacrosse shafts that you would be proud to own. We take our time and thoroughly inspect each wooden handle during each phase of the construction and finishing process. We believe our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unmatched in the lacrosse industry. Check out our one-of-a-kind special custom shafts for the very discriminating player or coach.

HIKSTIK wood lacrosse handles

The Wood Handle Experience

There is no metal or synthetic shaft that provides the unique feel of a hardwood lacrosse handle. The vibrations of a caught pass smoothly travel down a HIKSTIK to your hands unlike any metal shaft anywhere. The wood handle experience is one that has to be tried; and is very affordable, especially compared to the overly expensive stuff on the market today. Concerns about strength and weight of wood shafts are unfounded. Well built custom shafts like the HIKSTIK are extremely strong and durable; very favorably comparable to metal handles. Unless you are a small child the weight difference will not affect your game (30" HIKSTIK attack shafts weigh between 8.29 ounces and 11.65 ounces)  -- a better question is about the overall balance of your complete stick with a ball on the strings. A balance you will find to be superb with a HIKSTIK wood lacrosse shaft and superior to a metal shaft.

"Spirit of the Stick"

"The spirit of the stick maker is in the stick. The spirit of his ancestors as well. When a true wooden stick is made by hand, it is truly one of a kind, from the individual part of an individual tree, to the human knife strokes that create it. It is the tradition of the game, The Little Brother Of War.

"Many people see a wooden stick and think of weight and difficulty of use compared to Tupperware and tin, and a less pleasing overall look. (You wont find any pink ones with neon shooters.) Others see art, craftsmanship, history, and tradition. While I don't use a wooden stick all the time I can't help myself but rescue them from second hand stores and yard sales. They are history, tradition, and in my opinion, truly spiritual.

This might seem a little deep, like I'm reaching for something, but, I am. There is more to this game than scholarships, paid professionals, and trophies."

 -- with permission, by C. Hatton, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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