Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your email?


Q: Do you offer a discount for large quantity or team orders?

A: Yes we do! Our lacrosse shafts are awesome for awards ceremonies and discounts are provided for large orders (+6).  Please email us with the amount of shafts that you are planning to buy and we will send you a coupon code.

Q: How do you do your engraving?

A: We engrave our shafts with a high-quality laser engraver. This allows us to do very intricate designs and logos.

Q: Do I have to do engraving?

A: No you do not. Engraving is a custom option and can be added or removed when you add a shaft to your cart.

Q: Where do I submit the engraving?

A: During the check-out, you will find a text box that is titled Engraving 1st Side and Engraving 2nd Side. Please be sure to double check what you type because we will engrave exactly what you submit. If you are ordering more than one stick please include extra engraving in the order notes. Our character limit per side is 30 characters, please keep it within this limit to expedite your ordering process. 

Q: How do I submit a logo for engraving?

A: We have to approve each logo before we can engrave them. Our approval process is very fast. Please email us an uploaded image of your logo.