Ipê Lacrosse Shaft


  • Available Lengths: Attack, Defense & Goalie
  • Brazilian Hardwood, aka Ironwood
  • Perfect for  a Face-off Specialist
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Ipê (“Ee – pay”) wood is known by many names: Ipê Brazil, Greenheart, Madera negra, Tahuari, Lapacho negro. It has a number of trade names: Ironwood & Brazilian Walnut; these are commercial names given to Ipê lumber by large Brazilian exporters. Ipê heartwood, is typically reddish brown, sometimes with a greenish tinge, often with lighter or darker striping, similar to a teak wood. Ipê is extremely strong – perfect for a face-off specialist, and is somewhat heavy compared to our other shafts: 350 grams or 12.5 ounces for a 30 inch attack shaft.

*HIKSTIK defines strength-to-weight ratio as the modulus of rupture (lbf/in2) divided by average specific gravity of the wood sample. Hardness (lbf) is the resistance to indentation. ** The weights of our shafts can vary up to ±28 grams or ±1.0 ounce due to the moisture content of the wood at the time of manufacture.

Additional information

Shaft Length

Attack/Mid Length: 30", Attack/Mid Length: 31", Attack/Mid Length: 32", Goalie Length: 38", Defense Length: 60"


Yes: One Side, Yes: Two Sides, No


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